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18 June 2018 News flash


En à peine 6 semaines depuis la rentrée scolaire, les classes et le petit train de la vie de l'école commence à prendre sa vitesse de croisière...

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Rentrée scolaire
14 May 2018 News flash

Autumn term 2018/2019

Once you have received confirmation that your child is registered at the Ecole du Parc for the 2018/2019 school year, you will receive a letter in July with the list of equipment and the colour of the apron to be purchased.I wo...

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Bibliothèque solidaire
13 May 2018 News flash

Community library

As you know, children’s literature is an important entry point into the world of writing, and so I’d like to invite you to get involved with a "community library", through which you can share children’s books that you...

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Le Directeur, Joël Tchobanian
09 May 2018 News flash

A note from the Headmaster

Welcome to the École du Parc website.The website is intended as a means for the school, families and teaching community to share and obtain information.You will find lots of articles about what’s happening in the classroom and...

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